Staying educated

There has been much talk on whether having an education is as important as it once was.

Some say you need a college degree in order to just be able to even get an interview. Many companies expect their potential employees to be educated in the feild they are applying for.

So they do no have to spend time and money on teaching them something they should know by now.

But not everybody wants to go to a four-year liberal arts school. For those people there are vocational schools, schools that can teach you how to become a mechanic or even a chef.

Whatever your interests may be, there is a school for that.

Real world experience is important but is hard to come across if you do not have an education that says you are capable of accomplishing what the job entails.

School will always be imporant and you will never regret going to a class or course that your job offers you. You may not get promoted for completing it but it is something that you can take with you and may help you out in the future.

If you work is willing to pay you to take a few classes a year, take the oppertunity. Even if its not for credit.