The effects of procrastination

Students have always been know for their procrastination. Knowing that they have an upcoming test, a project due or a debate to prepare for, students can’t help but wait to the very last minute to start!

Yes, it is possible to finish or get a good grade for school if you wait to the end until you begin. However, there are disadvantages to staying up late and cramming  facts and figures into your brain until you feel like you could explode of information overload.

Studying for an exam the day before or worse, night before really does not ensure you understand what you just went over.

Here is where memorizing comes into play. Students can memeorize and drill bits and pieces of information into their head without really knowing what they are talking about.

This is why after exams are over they forget everything they just “studied.” And when a project is due and you are trying to just get it done, your teacher will know whether you tell them or not. Especially, if they know what you are cable of all ready.

So students should learn their lesson and prioitize better. You have more time than you think. So don’t wait start now!