Home Schooling

What is home schooling- the practice of teaching children in the home as an alternative to attending public or private elementary or high school.

Reasons why parents may take their children out of the school systems is because they disagree with how their child is being taught and what they are being taught.

When a parent puts their child into home schooling, they take matters into their own hands.

They have the opportunity to determine the curriculum and can show their children that learning can be fun and exiciting.

Also parents can give more attention to their children if they struggle in a certain subject. And cater to their needs. Unlike in a classroom setting with one teacher and many students.

According to the National Center For Education Statistics in the school year of 2011-2013 91 percent of parents said, the school environment was a big reason for the change into home schooling.

However, drawbacks can occur such as socialization issues. For example, not being around other students of a similiar age throughout the day. Not attenting school functions, such as sporting events or dances, can leave home schoolers feeling left out.

Home schooling is not for everybody but many students can benefit from it.