The experience of college

College is not just about going to class, memorizing facts that you will forget right after the test, and assignments. Granted it is important to go to class, study not memorize and do one’s homework but its also about expericing life.

Meeting classmates, working on group projects, going to sporting events and even forming relationships with your professors are important to do in college.

When studying with classmates you begin to make friends and friendships that are formed in college can last long after graduation. One way to gain more friends is to join a sports team, club or other school ogranization. When you make one friend you in turn meet their friends and they become your friends too.

Going to sporting events on campus and wearing your campus colors can make students feel like they are a part of something big and important. It can bring a sense of unity and pride to a college campus.

Building relationships with college professors is certainly not on the to do list of many college students. But it is beneficial to students more so than the professor. And ironically, the professors are the ones who tend to do most of the reaching out.

Every student will graduate eventually and when that time comes they are the ones asking for recommendations not their professors. And if their teachers could be used as a reference.

But how can a teacher recommend a student if all they know is their work. Which is extremely important but if you failed to let them in and learn a little about you they really don’t have much to go off.


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