The importance of reading has always been stressed at a young age. There are many reasons why reading is important and can help one be successful in life.

For starters, reading gives a person a great vocabulary. And when you have a good vocabulary you sound smart and sophisticated, like you can hold a conversation on your own.

Being able to read well also makes an individual a better writer. If you can write, no matter what profession you go into, than you will be able to do well for yourself.

Being able to communicate is the key to success. The more you read the more you learn. Whether one is learning about history, grasping a different perspective than their own or just expanding their horizon, being able to read gives you an edge in this competitive world.

Reading leads to writing and writing leads to communcation.

Also, it gives a person something to talk about. Who wants to hang out with someone or go on a date with a person who has nothing to say or just agrees with everything the other person says?

Something so simple as to read for pleasure, school or work can really make a person not only smarter but better.


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