Education meet technology

Technology is changing and becoming more advance now than ever, and students deserve an education that is just as high-speed. Our society is technologically enhanced, yet education is still lagging behind.

In high school you will find common courses being taught such as english literature, mathematics and science. But very few high schools offer classes such as computer science.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics mentions by the year 2020 that there will be a million more job openings than there are trained workers to fill the positions. This creates a large skill gap.

Take Khan Academy for instance, offering instructional videos, helps students learn at their own pace outside of the classroom environment. This can be beneficial if students can do their homework and projects at school and review and listen to lectures after school.

Students who are instructed by their teachers instead of allowing the teacher to facilitate, and are struggling tend to go home after the school day is over and have concerns and questions with no teacher available to offer assistance.


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