Education facts in America

1) Every year 1.3 million high school students fail to graduate on time.

2) About half of the college students who enroll in a 4-year university will take 6 years to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

3) Two out of three eigth-graders do not read proficiently

4) Toward the end of eigth grade, students in America stand two years behind their peers in different countires in the subject math.

5) More than 75 percent of employers say that their new employees who have college degrees, do not have the basic knowledge and skills they should have.

6) Americans who acheive a bachelor’s degree have a 40 percent higher income than individuals with hold a high school diploma.

7) Five out of six high school graduates who are not enrolled in university full-time are also not working a full-time job.

8) In order for a person to make a “decent” living today, they will need at least some form of postsecondary education.

9) At least 25 percent of children start school with summer or late birthdays.

10) As of 2011 84 percent of undergrad college students were receiving some form of financial aid.

america school pic


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