School retention not as beneficial as once believed

Studies show that retention in schools are not having the positive outcome hoped for.

Giving children an additional year to get caught up in school, who are immature or failed to reach the performance level desired seems beneficial, leaving the student to acomplish what they lacked in the previous year.

But, according to the National Association of School Psychologist observed in its 2003 study “Position Statement on Student Grade Retention,” the academic achievment of students who repeated a year, are lower than their peers who move forward.

Retention is related with increased behavior problems.

Students also struggle with being made fun of. This results in social and emotional developmental issues, such as low self-esteem. These children tend to not have as many friends as well.

If there is a particular subject where the child has difficulty, then it would be more beneficial to allow extra help or services to them in that area.

Repeating an entire grade does not mean the student will grasp all he or she missed in the previous year.  When a child is taught the same information in the same way; teachers and schools are only hindering their students abilities and performances.


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