Why every college student should at least intern once

There is a reason why universities have added internships to their graduation requirements.

Interning gives students on the job training so they can get an understanding of what it would be like to work in their field of study.

Along with hands on experience, interning connects students to established individuals who can teach them the tricks of the trade, offer advice and help students reach their goal of getting a job long after graduation.

During an internship students will learn their strengths and weaknesses and develop new skills to prepare them for the future.

A college degree is important. But many students find out too late when they’re reading job postings and realize that the degree they have worked so hard for is not the only requirement on the list.

The main being work experience. At least 2 years for most entry-level jobs are preferred.

Interning counts as work experience. The more internships one does, the more contacts they make, the easier it will be to get a job.

This is why an internship is good but multiple internships are great.

College professors try to make it clear to their students that a degree is simply not enough.

Another added bonus is money. Some internships pay students.

Along with extra change in one’s pocket students receive college credit toward their degree.

College students should intern at least once, after all its for no one else’s benefit but their own.



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