What is higher education and why is it so important

Higher education- Education beyond high school, especially at a college or university.

Back in the day, having work experience and a reputable reference could land you a job. But now you need to have a higher education, since many jobs want a bare minimum of at least a bachelors degree. And that’s just to get your foot in the door.

When the economy goes south, jobs become scarce and what made you qualified before, can get you overlooked.

Higher education improves a person’s quality of life. For instance with health care, the higher your degree, and the more money you make helps you have the best health insurance possible. Without a good paying job, finding heath care with benefits and good coverage will only be a struggle to achieve and obtain.

When one goes to school, they interact with other students from all walks of life and are taught by highly educated intellectuals. Being in this kind of atmosphere ones understanding of the community and world around them expands.

Those who put time and money into getting a college degree have higher earnings than than those who do not. For example, one who holds an associates degree will make $785 per week. High school graduates earn $625 per week, according to the BLS.

The higher you go in your education the more money and opportunities arise.

Getting a higher education is not just about homework, having tests, quizzes and writing papers. It is an experience that happens also outside the classroom as well. For example, study groups can give you another student to compare notes with a bounce ideas off of.It can also let you see where other people are coming from and offer more perspectives than just your own.

As you can see there are many reasons to invest in your education long after high school is over.



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