Classroom trumps online learning

Not having enough, or any face-to-face interaction puts students at a disadvantage from the very beginning. When enrolled in an online course there are no office hours for the student to go and talk to the professor about any concerns, questions or interests within their class. It prevents college professors from getting to know their pupils and building a relationship with them.

Online courses are self-taught. The only thing you are paying for is the textbook and some slideshows. One has to be dedicated and able to teach themselves what they do not know. This can be frustrating, and can lead to giving up or not trying like they would with traditional learning.

There is a higher dropout rate and class failure for online learning. “A study revealed in July 2011 by the Columbia University Community College Research Center indicated that Washington community college students were more likely to drop online classes than traditional ones.”

For online courses there was an 82 percent completion rate, with traditional learning there was a 90 percent completion rate.

With all the flexibility, lack of contact with students and professors its no wonder there are less individuals who succeed in their courses and getting an online degree.


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